Monday, February 21, 2005

"We stay on him. He wants that because we will legitimize his ‘cover'. We'll try to catch him, but we won't because he's too good. He knows our tricks and he knows that by the book will only get you so far. When he makes his move against Crimson Sun, we'll make ours and grab all of them, Nick included."

Edwards sighed. "I know you don't see Crossfield as a criminal in the truest sense. He's broken rules to achieve his goal of justice. But it isn't our role to determine his guilt or innocence or if these are crimes or infractions. Our role is to make the world safer by bringing down terrorist groups like Crimson Sun. And by reigning in loose cannons like Nick."

"We aren't going to catch him anyway. He's holding all the cards. We might as well have plan B in place."

"Plan B - working with Nick Crossfield."

"Not working with him. Taking advantage of the opportunity he's providing us."

"Semantics." Edwards paused, thinking about all they had discussed. "You're sure he won't just lead us around in circles?"

"He'll lead us where he wants us to be. We might as well be ready for him."

Edwards weighed the pros and cons of Tamsin's argument. "Alright Garrett. Your orders are to catch Nick Crossfield. If it takes you until the Crimson Sun is brought down to do it, then we can't help that. But you damn sure better try your best. This entire operation will be reviewed by every committee and review board coming and going. If you're not at your best, then you will be dealt with."

"Yes sir. I'm going home. Nick wouldn't have just stopped by. He's probably left something there for us. Cash will be with me if you need him."

"You're quiet," Jake remarked as they drove to Tamsin's apartment.

"That's not so unusual."

"The way you're quiet is. What's wrong?"

"Nick said something last night. It's bothering me."

"What'd he say?"

"He said it's hell having feelings. Like I was at a disadvantage for feeling something."

"So it was a jab at you. You have feelings and he doesn't."

"No. It was more like he was teaching me another lesson. But it was weird. It almost seemed like he was talking about himself too."

"He was commiserating with you. You know that's an old trick to gain your trust. Once he has it he gains control over you."

They pulled up to the apartment and got out of the car. Tamsin paused before opening her front door. "Thanks for helping me keep my distance."

"That's why we have partners in this business. Let's take a look inside."