Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tamsin let herself into her apartment and immediately sensed something was different. She pulled her gun and begun to sweep the rooms. Her heart skipped a beat when she entered the kitchen and found Nick Crossfield at the business end of her gun.

"Decided to make this easy on me? Turn yourself in?" She asked brazenly.

Nick smiled slowly. "I never should have trained you their way."

"Is that the only thing you regret?"

"At the moment, I'd say it's near the top of the list. How much do you know?"

"We know about Carter Davis. If you're hoping to even the score - "

"I'm not hoping. I'm doing what needs to be done." Nick took a couple steps back and leaned against the counter.

"And what's that?"

"I'd figured you'd be smart enough to know. You know, I knew you'd turn out this good."

Tamsin ignored the compliment. "Why are you here, Nick? Do you think I'll just let you go?"

"Yes. If you want the Crimson Sun, you need me out there. And I need you a half-step behind me."

"No one's wanted the Crimson Sun since they appeared on the world scene."

"No. They haven't," Nick said knowingly. "But once they get nuclear material, the rules will change."

Tamsin lowered her gun in frustration. "Nick, I don't think you'll get out of this. One way or another, your life's over."

"There's more to this than you know. Don't worry. I don't plan to stand trial. Or die for my country any time soon."

"Unfortunately, you don't know what our plans are," Tamsin countered.

"That's simple. You plan to stop me. You're probably the only one who could. C'mon Tamsin. Let me go. I'll give you the Crimson Sun on a platter."

"You're giving them nuclear material. I can't let you -"

"I've got it covered. The less you know about the details the better. You just need to trust me."

"Even if I would, the Agency wouldn't." Tamsin was trying hard to understand what Nick was doing there and why. It didn't make any sense at the moment, but she knew there had to be some reason behind it.

Nick made a move toward the open kitchen window. "It's hell having feelings, isn't it?" he said softly. "I wish it could be different, but I can't stop and I won't bring you into this with me. I trust you Tamsin. I trust you to be exactly who you are. You need to do the same for me." And with that, Nick slid out the window.

Tamsin watched him go and then pulled a chair out from her kitchen table. She sank down into it and tossed the gun onto the table.