Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"You had him in your kitchen and you just let him go! That is unacceptable Garrett. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick you down to the mail room for the next five years!" Edwards railed after listening to Tamsin's report of Crossfield's visit.

"Nick intends to infiltrate Crimson Sun. Bring them down. I don't know what kind of political pressure has kept us from going after them in the past, but we have an opportunity to stop them without causing a political stir. Nick's created that opportunity by going rogue. Why can't we use him?"

"He's in possession of nuclear material. That ups the stakes. We can't let him loose."

"We'll be a step behind him. He wants us there for back-up."

"We can't align ourselves with a man whose stolen nuclear mat-"

"We wouldn't be aligning ourselves. We would be letting him lead us to Crimson Sun. Then, we could get them all, Nick included. It seems pointless to pull him out when he could do so much to help us."

"We can't let the nuclear material fall into the hands of a known terrorist organization. Garrett, I know this is personal for you -"

"Not personal! You assigned me to this task because I know him. Well, I know he wouldn't freely turn over the uranium if he didn't have a plan. He wouldn't allow Crimson Sun to become nuclear capable. He may be reckless. He may break every rule. But he's achieved every mission objective he's ever been given. That's not the behavior of a traitor."

Edwards stopped his pacing around his office and stared hard at Tamsin, considering their entire conversation. After what seemed like ages, he let out a sigh. "What do you suggest we do?"